Home Remedies for Schamberg Disease

Schamberg’s disease is a skin condition where the immune system pushes newly formed skin cells to the surface at a faster rate than they are used to.  Where the normal life of a skin cell is about 30 days, in areas where there is Schamberg, the is cut down to under 10 days.  Schamberg forms scaly patches of skin that are red, dry and irritated, which cause extreme discomfort and pain.  It tends to only happen in small areas, typically the back, scalp, elbows and thighs.  The disease is typically found in those age 15-30, with the chronic skin condition rarely being found in the very young and elderly.

This skin disease is cause by several different factors, including a metabolic abnormality, changes in the seasons, unhealthy skin conditions and certain hereditary factors.

Natural Remedies

There are several natural remedies for Schamberg which can help the condition.  While it is a chronic condition, these natural remedies can make the scaling less painful, less noticeable, and has the potential to completely get rid of the scaling area.

  • Long soaks in epson salt or seawater baths are great natural remedies for this disease.  These long soaks will help to heal the sore areas, as well as loosen up some of the scales, causing a reduction in the affected area.
  • Mudpacks are good natural remedies too. They help to moisturize the skin and pull out any toxins in the affected area.  These mudpacks are good natural remedies for psoriasis because they also remove some of the scaling caused by the condition, which allows more of the treatments to get to the skin under the scales.
  • Sunlight is another set of natural remedies.  Allowing UVA and UVB light to get to the infected area provides more nutrients, allowing the skin to heal.  While too much sun is bad, not getting enough exposure is just a bad, helping conditions like psoriasis flourish.
  • Vitamin E and Aloe Vera are both natural remedies for this skin condition.  The Aloe Vera moisturizes the area, help with the dry, red scales, while the vitamin E helps with the itching of the affected area.

There are also so lotions and oils that you can make at home to use as a natural remedy for Schamberg.  Here are a couple that you can make to hopefully help.

  • Calendula oil, Oregano oil, and Olive oil mixed together makes a good natural remedy.  You add two drops of Calendula oil with one drop of Oregano oil, and add that to one cup of Olive oil and apply to affected areas.
  • Boiling four marigold heads in four cups of water for two minutes, letting it cool and applying it to area will help also.
  • Mixing one teaspoon each of Wheat Germ oil, and Castor oil to one cup of Sunflower oil will make a great lotion to rub on affected areas to give relief.

All of these natural remedies are great in helping the condition.  If you are suffering from Schamberg disease, give some of these natural remedies a shot.